Pure fun with elegance


Knowing how to choose the right music does not depend on the infinite playlists or on your amazing equipment. It’s something that takes place at the moment, guided only by humble listening to the soul of your every time different audiencedj5teve







The concept of ‘repertoire’ on a DJset has not much sense to me, programming a list of the tracks that will be played runs the risk of undermining the success of the party.

While planning the event I love to share the intentions, the style of the party and the taste of the celebrated, my music will obviously take this into account, but it will never be harnessed in a pre-packaged scheme, because each event is unique and must be left free to express itself. .

For me it is essential to constantly listen to the public to grasp the tension and emotional nuances, to be reactive and competent in interpreting them and to lead the audience towards the maximum load of positive energy

The simplicity with which this artist moves from a classic to a more modern genre is what most captures the attention of guests. The technique in the perfectly timed mixes, the dynamics and breath in the choice of tracks and his great empathic availability make him an ideal and complete conductor.

Let yourself be carried away by the vibrations of its console and make your event unique.

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Format examples


The right background for the welcome cocktail

  • Swing
  • Jazz
  • Bossa


Alone or paired with Electric Violin / Saxophone

  • Deep house
  • Lounge
  • Soul


Background playlist tailor-made for the event

  • Swing/Jazz
  • Classical pop
  • Smooth funk

Final Party

Event expert DJset for a spectacular final party

  • Dance
  • Classic house
  • Disco music