Pure fun with elegance


“Selecting the perfect music is not determined by endless playlists or amazing equipment. It’s a skill that’s developed by being keenly aware of the audience’s mood and energy at every specific moments” – Ig: @dj5teve







“The idea of having a set “repertoire” as a DJ doesn’t make much sense to me. Planning out a list of tracks beforehand runs the risk of stifling the energy and excitement of the party.

When I plan an event, I like to share my intentions, the style of the party, and the taste of the celebrants. My music will certainly take all of these factors into account, but I never want to be constrained by a pre-packaged scheme. Every event is unique and deserves to express itself freely.

To me, it’s crucial to constantly listen to the audience and pick up on the emotional nuances in the room. This helps me stay responsive and competent in interpreting their needs and leading them towards the highest levels of positive energy.”

Guests are drawn to the way this artist effortlessly moves between classic and modern genres. His perfectly timed mixes, dynamic track selection, and empathetic approach make dj5teve the ideal conductor for any event.

So, let yourself be swept away by the vibrations of his console and make your event truly exceptional.

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Format examples


The right background for the welcome cocktail

  • Swing
  • Jazz
  • Bossa


Alone or paired with Electric Violin / Saxophone

  • Deep house
  • Lounge
  • Soul


Background playlist tailor-made for the event

  • Swing/Jazz
  • Classical pop
  • Smooth funk

Final Party

Event expert DJset for a spectacular final party

  • Dance
  • Classic house
  • Disco music