Music is love,

emotion looking for a word.

Any moment can be special if narrated by music. Tell us your story, we will choose together the genere that will better fit your emotions.

Tell it with music.

Choose your sound.

The musical language can have a very diverse style and approach because it belongs and refers to different traditions and performers. We will embark on this journey togheter and the emotions you will want to tell will be the key point in choosing the music that better suits you. Choose the genere that better represents you or start by the moment you want to accompany with music and listen to our music.


A direct musical genere, capable of creating tender and intimate moments.
Unplug and listen to our music.


Close your eyes and open them on the beaches of Copacabana. Towards the end of the ’50 a new way to play Samba appears and the rhythm is renewed.


The elegance and the style of classical music are a safe bet for who loves the roots of music. You start from classical music, always.


Want see them dance? It’s not gonna be easy to resist to the rhythm and groove of our DJs. The party starts immediatley and you won’t stop.

Deep House

The deep house style has a lower, more intense bpm and often includes jazz vocal samples. Ideal for an aperitif with modern and relaxed sound.


The simplicity of folk music aides two of the main goals: music-telling a story and spreading a message. The best way to relax the event spirit.


A mixed cocktail of Soul, Blues, Jazz with a little Gospel, Afro, Latin, Acid-Jazz or even Hip-Hop added from time to time. Shake well and the party is served!


An immense patrimony of songs that represents the italian culture for beauty, love and nostalgia. A selection of popular and romantic music that everyone is fond of.


Jazz is the most significant form of musical expression in American culture and an exceptional contribution to the art of music. Our selection is for those songs that made jazz accessible to everyone.


By paying particular attention to refined and elegant sounds, the lounge style also extended to Chill, World, Deep & Soulful House, generates vibrations capable of touching the sensitivity of the listener.


Musical themes that echo in the musical culture of everyone and performed with lyrical intent. Timeless songs interpreted by Callas, Caruso, Pavarotti, Bocelli.


The most popular musical genre in the world is undoubtedly Pop. With particular regard to the last decades we offer M.Jackson, J.Timberlake and many others revisited with elegance and freshness.

Pop Rock

Pop rock is rock music with a greater emphasis on songwriting and less emphasis on attitude.
Sincere music and directly connected to the soul.


The term "rhythm and blues" has undergone several changes of meaning. The one we like is the most famous, masterfully played, irresistible.


What we like most when we play Rock is the energy that is transmitted and received. The great classics for dancing, for having fun, for experiencing unforgettable moments.

Rock & Roll

The musical genre that makes it impossible to stand still! The great hits of Elvis, Beatles, Chuck Berry performed live and arranged with the original flavor of the 50/60 years.


The return to the roots of African American music: gospel and blues. The style is characterized by a burning, passionate and very melodic vocal intensity.


Swing music is the most suitable form of jazz to have fun with sobriety. Our proposal of great standards includes the repertoires of Sinatra, Bublè, Fitzgerald for a timeless touch of class.


It’s the moment that welcomes and introduces your guests to the reception. We will unfold the cocktail with elegant and bright choices that will host and delight them.


Saivor a nice dish it’s a pleasent and relaxing instance that we will take care of with elegant and not intrucive music.


Every event has it’s climax that deserves to be emphasized and celebrated with the best musical tale.


Sharing the happiness for a success, an acheavement or a prize, is the best moment.
An emotion that music can exalt.

Some thoughts of those who chose us

“Si tratta davvero di grandi professionisti, perfetti dal punto di vista tecnico, ma sopratutto in grado di realizzare pienamente le tue richieste e a rispondere ad ogni tua esigenza.”

Gianni e Claudia

“You got the music perfect from start to finish and you were very accommodating to our needs.”

Simone and Paul

“Collaborare con Sartoria della Musica è per noi sempre un grande piacere e la certezza di ottenere un ottimo risultato. Niente è mai lasciato al caso, sono bravissimi.”

Andrea Marchetti Eventi