The event wearing a dress by Sartoria della Musica is unique

Contact our competent structure to decide the role that music should play in your event

Promotional Events

The launch of a new product is a fundamental appointment for the innovation of a company that strongly involves its communication. Our music will help spread the feelings of enthusiasm, anticipation and sharing.

Anniversary celebrations

The achievement of commercial objectives and the anniversary of the activity must be shown as a guarantee of solidity, knowledge of their sector and the ability to adapt to the evolution of the market over the years. Choose Sartoria della Musica as your partner to create a memorable party together!

Event Client Galà

A very important aspect for any large company is the maintenance of its customers. Organize with us the evening that emphasizes the importance they have had for you, for your history and for tackling together the new challenges that the market offers

Team building

“Creativity is contagious, pass it on.” - Albert Einstein

A new form, fun and light, to recreate the union between colleagues and pursue the common goal of victory, belonging and corporate identity.
Scopri in prima persona il nostro SINGBUILDING, il teambuilding creativo-musicale ad alto tenore di felicità. Da oggi anche in Web Edition!