The aperitif is often considered as the most important moment of a party and indeed it is the visiting card of the entire event, the moment in which the guests seek for the well deserved relax after the “high-tension” moments of the ceremony.

The aperitif usually takes place outdoor and by standing, giving the guests the opportunity to move around freely, to snoop around enjoying the richly trimmed buffets and appreciate music played by an elegant and not-intrusive orchestra.

A quartet made up of a piano, drums, contrabass and a singer can build the perfect musical frame for such an occasion by playing pieces of swing, jazz, and bossa-nova. By adding up a saxophone or a trumpet we reach an even more complete and magical musical atmosphere, and in this case we can alternate pieces with or without lyrics.

The music shall not be intrusive or noisy on the contrary should enable and support the greetings and welcoming moments helping the guests losing the knot of their ties and relaxing!

The sound track of the day is tailor-made on the event thus matching and bringing out the strong emotions of this unique day of a lifetime! Joy, sympathy, long wait, nostalgia are many invisible threads which will settle in one’s mind forever and even after years will emerge maybe by simply listening to the same song on the radio helping those feelings to come to life again.

And eventually it happens “what everyone is awaiting for…”

After a short silent moment the song that introduces the bride and the groom starts… this time with a louder volume just to underline the solemnity of the moment. A spontaneous applause spreads around and each single guest smiles and congratulates the newly married couple. What a feeling! The song chosen by the couple and the music planner is often a happy and sparkling piece matching the great happiness felt on that unique moment. Just think about a swinging arrangement of an Italian classic or “L-O-V-E” by Natalie Cole.

The aperitif continues with the live-playing orchestra, which offers well-known music but always high-standard such as bossa-nova, swing or jazz alternating vocal and instrumental pieces. It is possible to create a high-class sound track, which is at the same time entertaining and tailor-made for the couple and their guests.

While planning a reception I always remind the couple that the band is there not to play a concert, not to draw attention: the music and the details of excellence related to this moment should help build the ambiance and arise the common feeling that unifies all the guests – young or old it doesn’t matter. The band shall accompany with a great sense of responsibility an unrepeatable and memorable day.





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